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We provide state of the art vault security through our patented multi signature technology allowing for ease & security.


We not only support individual users but also provide a portal built for merchants while offering: processing, storage & management


We allow for easy cash access to all stored assets within the vault, this is provided through cash cards & easy mobile management

The Coin Tree is developing next-generation software using Multi-Signature technology to ensure that a single system breach does not jeopardize your stored asset.

In this system there are three keys: one held by you, one held by The Coin Tree site's backend, and one held by The Coin Tree's offline secure storage team. Signatures from any two of these three keys are required to move Bitcoins stored with The Coin Tree, which enables rapid transaction generation under normal conditions as well as protection against a successful attack on any one of the three systems. This provides valuable time for the other two keys to be used to move the Bitcoins to a safe location before a secure environment can be reestablished on the compromised machine and full three-system access is resumed.